LD #15: Clarifying Strategy Execution Failure Modes & Myths with Russ Branzell of CHIME – Deep Dive

On this follow-up deep dive episode of “Leader Dialogue“, CHIME CEO Russ Branzell again joins Ben, Jennifer and Duffie to discuss the two common Strategy Execution failure modes resulting from five (5) commonly held strategy execution myths. (Adapted from the research of: Donald Sull, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Rebecca Homkes fellow at the London Business School’s Centre for Management Development and Economic Performance).

See the related diagram below:

Listen in to learn…

  • The impact of not effectively managing decision rights across silos

  • How to improve organizational agility through effective information flow coordination

  • The common strategy execution myths and how to address those myths in your organization

  • What should replace the existing three-legged stool of poor strategy performance