LD #9: Baldrige Journey vs. The Destination – Deep Dive

On this follow-up deep dive episode of “LeaderDialogue“, Core Values Partners President Paul Grizzell again joins Ben, Jennifer and Duffie to expound upon his experiences and tips for organizations launching or continuing their journey toward the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The hosts discuss how the transformation journey is like developing a health fruit-bearing tree.

Listen in to learn…

  • The characteristics of a healthy organizational “tree”

  • What leaders need to know and do to help grow a healthy organizational “tree”

  • How this cross-maps to the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework

  • What a Baldrige Consultant can do to nurture the organizational tree, and also the difference between a Baldrige Consultant and a Baldrige Examiner

  • How Lean Six Sigma can either assist or harm organizational tree development, if it is disconnected from the organizational strategy

  • The essence of effective leadership