Overcoming the Execution Gap: Leveraging the Organizational Hierarchy of Needs Model

Every organization has a playbook. The playbook represents what your organization believes will be a winning strategy. Execution is the challenge of course, as every coach will tell you! Ensuring effective strategy execution involves three key steps:

  • Differentiating your organization in the market.

  • Engaging your associates to execute seamlessly.

  • Measuring performance to expectations and adjusting course as necessary.

These three steps, are encompassed within the within the following organizational hierarchy of needs model (see diagram).

To better understand how, let’s start at the top of the model and work down, connecting the dots back to each of the three key strategy execution steps. (Explore the connections.)

  • Involves aligning people with purpose to achieve exceptional results;

  • Requires a clear statement of purpose, the ‘North Star’ or ‘Why we exist’ statement;

  • Is represented through a cascading scorecard of business goals, objectives, initiatives, action items and performance measures linking frontline resources to senior leadership decision making.

As you can see, Strategy Deployment at the top of the hierarchy of needs model connects directly to each of the three key strategy execution steps.